Thursday, 1 September 2011

2 Weeks!

Wow, time flies! It's September now. Can you believe it? 
We are so excited! We will be seeing you in 2 weeks time!! 
Are YOU excited too? 

We can't wait to post up more updates on transport arrangements and other stuffs as we countdown together to the actual day!
Till then, here's an article to keep you occupied. :)

Perspective viewed from my own backyard 
by Lee Thean Seng

6 years ago…….

Most people think that all UPM grads are professional farmers as they associate this institution with PERTANIAN (agriculture). I was lamenting on why most of my friends obtained scholarship (FMS inclusive) or study loans to study abroad and I’m stuck here to study something which I have not much interest in it. Furthermore, to be a Chinese who doesn’t speak Mandarin, I got a total culture shock after being labeled as a “banana”.

2 years ago….

I was stepping out of Universiti Putra Malaysia to enter a different phase in life. I started my first job in my own hometown, Ipoh as an Executive in a food factory. Many of my friends were shocked how I could survive in such a place whereby the salary is low and job opportunity for career advancement seems so scarce. Again I lamented, why I am stuck here again whereby all my friends are living a happening life in the cities.

Not too long ago….

Fast forward to the present situation, I realized that I would’ve missed out so much if I went on a different education path. In fact, I thank God for placing me in UPM where I met so many great Christian friends which have made me a more mature Christian. My involvement in the varsity Christian Fellowship has opened my eyes that so much need to be done to reach out to many out there who have yet to know Christ. Besides that, a public university is like an appetizer of Malaysia society in reality, allowing me to meet people from all walks of lives from different religious and cultural background
The same can be said with my job now. Although the salary range in Ipoh is relatively lower than big cities, I am thankful that I have more time for God, family and friends. Furthermore, I felt that God has intentions for me to settle down in Ipoh. God opened my eyes to see there is a big missing generation aging from 25-35 year old in churches in Ipoh. In other words, there are fewer and fewer young Christian working adults to make an impact in their small hometown. Well, I might miss out the chance to live a happening city life or broadening my horizons abroad in a 4 season country but I’m glad I discovered the purpose that God has for my life. Gain some, lose some. After all, as the Scripture says, "Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame."

Now and not too long later…

With the recent uproar in the political arena in our country, many of us are aiming to try for greener pastures in other countries. Many are left discouraged with where our nation is heading to. I have discovered my calling, that is to stay in my country, my own city particularly, to stand in the gap in prayer and being a responsible citizen. Needless to elaborate, it’s the sick that needs the doctor, not the healthy. I hope my sharing have inspired you to know your calling in life and live your life for His glory.

Thean Seng is currently contributing to the statistics by lowering the average age for the community in Ipoh. Despite many of his friends being caught up in the rat race, he is working in the food industry and enjoying his semi retiree life back here. Currently attending FGA Ipoh, he finds fulfilment helping in the worship ministry and the youth events.

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