Monday, 22 August 2011

One Camp caters ALL

We know almost everyone likes buffet. It is when we have a big variety of food on display that we get to choose what we want to eat and drink.
iBridge Camp programmes are designed specially to cater to different needs and interests like a buffet menu.
Some of you are more interested to come to learn. Some are thinking of having a break away from the city.
There may be people who want to meet more new friends. No matter what reason it is, you are most welcomed to iBridge Camp =)

Here are some highlights of the camp!

Workshops + Speakers

Workshop 1 – Transition to work
by Tak Ming
- Meaning of Work
- How to make an impact and marketplace outreach
- Common struggles faced by fresh graduates and how to overcome it
- Sabbath                                                                                                                                       
Workshop 2 – Social Relief work
by Steve
- What is CREST?
- Why social relief work is important?
- How graduates can get involve/response?

Workshop 3 – Biblical Financial Management
by Erik Lai 
- Biblical perspective on financial management                                                                - Professional advise on purchasing car, house, investment, saving, generous giving for      mission, retirement, etc
- Trusting-God-to-Provide vs Financial security

Workshop 4 – National Issues 
by Keat Peng
- Sharing on current and yet to come national issues 
- How to make right judgement/discernment based on exploded media information that     we read
- Awareness of basic constitution right
- How should Christian respond to Bersih and future rallies.

Workshop 5 – Discernment
by Dr Choon Khing
- What is discernment?
- How to practise discernment?
- Practical discernment (Choosing job, ministries, finding life partner, response to certain      opinions etc)

Workshop 6 - Talent migration
by Seng Gee
- What is migration? 
- What is the deciding point to migrate or not to migrate?
- How should I respond to my friends who want to migrate? 

Workshop 7 – Relationship 
by 2 Pre-Marital Counseling Couples

Workshop 8 – Science and Faith (God) 
by Dr Living Lee

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