Monday, 12 September 2011

Uncertain Times, Unchanging Passion, Unwavering Conviction

In a few days time,

You know which day, 

We will be going to somewhere pretty faraway:

Whether you are drop dead tired,

Life is far from what you wanted,

The famous four walls, you are there but so what?

Your world has gone through a few rounds of "tsunami",

The beds of roses are not as rosy,

The reality becomes very much like dramatic movies,

You asked, 

And ask again, 

There seems more questions than answers,

You smile each day just like everyone else,

Where the skeletons in the closets are;

Is where everyone hide them so well,

We are imperfect human, born in a sinful world,

How funny, majority expects perfection,

Oh, how are we going to be God's children and truly human?

iBridge Camp, there's where you wanna be,

Having retreat in God's sanctuary,

Captain's ball, the iBridge way,

Forget about iBride, it's a real company in Canada anyway,

Fellowship, "Fei-lo"ship, We remind you not to abandon God's "ship",

Peace, He gives us, 

Special messages, He imparts to us,

Blessings await us,

Uncertain times, as if it's a curse, 

Fear not,

Unchanging Passion, Unwavering Conviction,

This long weekend, 

His Promises Revive in Your Heart Again!

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