Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Views: Thank you Lord, for Ibrahim Ali

by Jamie Khoo

I used to have a youth pastor who preached “If you’re not being tempted daily- that means you have succumbed to temptation”. In other words, if life is too easy-going for you, you might want to check your bearings. Indeed, the Christian walk was always termed the ‘narrow path’. It was never meant to be easy.

The same can be said for the Christian church today when faced with someone like Ibrahim Ali. He is our confirmation that we are walking the right, and very narrow path.

I think he is a blessing to the 10% Christians in Malaysia. Never mind the fact that we are a relatively silent minority in Malaysia, Ibrahim Ali has confidently given us credit for wanting to take over Islam!

It is absurd that a parliament member would even feel threatened by 10% of the population. Logically speaking, even if all 10% voted for the opposition or independent candidates, that can’t even win you 2/3rd majority in the parliament; much less amend the status quo of Islam’s position.

If that is the case, then there can be only one reason behind Ibrahim Ali’s Christian-mania movement; it indicates we are going in the right direction. We are a shining beacon for Christ in Malaysia.

However, our agenda was never to make Christianity the ‘official’ religion. This is a delusional goal which would not be practical.

Indeed, we are just doing what a church would do in dark times such as this: to restore righteousness & justice in this land.

I do also praise God for the desirable side-effects Ibrahim Ali has brought about. The Christian body today is more aware of what happens outside the church walls. Recall Einstein’s third law of motion action-reaction; it is the same exact reason why our churches are suddenly pushing a whole new nationalistic agenda. When they push us, we simply push back with a force greater than 10% of the nation; because of a supernatural force that moves with us.

When our churches are being burnt down, we stand strong praying for the nation. We hold the higher moral grounds because we are Christ-like. And through that, we shine. The nation now looks at us and cannot help staring in awe of such a group who have been abused and still are willing to undergo peaceful means of amendments.

Ibrahim Ali has merely amplified the church’s light in Malaysia.

And in all this, Christians in Malaysia might be asking themselves: is this what I signed up for? Perhaps it is time to move out from this nation.

My answer to that would be: Why leave when it is showing signs of progress? Hence, I thank God for Ibrahim Ali.


Jamie Khoo is a Malaysian Christian who believes Christians should not be a light in the church, but a light to the world. He believes too many Christians have a 'calling' to be in first-world countries, and questions where are those who were called to shine in Malaysia or other less-developed nations.

Disclaimer: This is a personal view of the writer. iBridge Malaysia does not endorse the view unless specified.

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