Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Editor's Speech

by Tan Ten Rose

Are you expecting to see a video of our editor giving a speech? If yes, you should know by now that our Author-cum-Editor is none other than the Lord himself!
Indeed it is a privilege to be writing this on His behalf and also the camp committee.

We trust that you did not bump into this blog by accident. We are simply a bunch of people who are happy to be  busy preparing and organising this camp just for you! You might feel weird but it is true. We absolutely love to welcome you to iBridge Camp 2011, dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let’s talk about our camp theme this year, “Uncertain Times, Unchanging Passion, Unwavering Conviction”. We can sense that you are having a tongue twisted moment reading the theme.

As insignificant as the theme sounds, that may be exactly what you feel right now. Whether you are a fresh graduate, an employee or a budding entrepreneur, we do have the vision to do greater things for the Lord. However, the path to find out God’s will in our lives is uncertain at times.

Every day most of us have a habit of checking the daily news. At a glance at the headlines of a hardcopy of mainstream newspaper, we may hear people sighing. Some may get angry and start criticizing.

The world news is often interesting with a combination of good and bad news. Oh, we love to see people’s face lighten up reading the coverage on the royal wedding!

It is funny to see how people’s facial expressions change when they read news from the first page to the last. The news by itself reflects only two things: Changes and Uncertainties. And it affects all of us in our belief and thinking.

How can we cope in such a time as this? How can we develop the passion to be the salt and light of the world? Will we be courageous enough to defend false accusations to Christianity? Do we have a deep and unwavering conviction that Christ is the centre of our lives?

Till we see you face to face at iBridge Camp 2011, have an enjoyable time scrolling our newspaper inspired camp blog.

May God bless you.

                                                *Coming soon: The Weather Report

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